World Class Accommodations

Thula Thula has 2 separate lodge areas situated on the preserve.  There are eight, 4-star luxury cabins, with beautifully appointed rooms and bathrooms, and decks and windows overlooking the African bush. 


Exquisite Amenities

Thula Thula is a full-service resort with all of the luxury you expect from a 4-star destination, with all the rustic pleasures you need to fully enjoy the surrounding environment.


Gourmet Cuisine

At Thula Thula's Luxury Cabin Camp, each meal prepared for you by Cordon Bleu chef, Francoise Anthony, and her staff is a culinary delight.  Our cuisine is our pride: a fusion of the most delicate fare combined with exotic flavours, created with passion and imagination.

The Earth Organization's Eco Safari at the luxurious Thula Thula resort is more than just "travel". It's more than just a vacation. It's an Earth-friendly adventure that lets you get closer to nature than you've ever been before.

Unparalleled Grandeur

Each day, accompanied by an experienced guide, you'll strike out into the reaches of the world-famous Thula Thula no-kill animal reserve, and explore rural Zulu villages. Our rangers will show you the animal kingdom in its raw, awesome beauty. And at night, after the drumbeats and bonfires have died, you'll relax in the softly-lit comfort of your five-star accommodations.

A Vacation With a Purpose

But more important than all the luxuries in the world is the knowledge that a portion of your safari fee is tax deductible and will be used to help protect endangered species, educate underprivileged children, expand lands dedicated to wildlife protection, rehabilitate traumatized elephants, strip away non-indigenous, invasive plant species to protect the local flora and fauna, and fund environmental curriculum programs in the United States.

Want to get more hands on? During your stay with us, you'll have the opportunity to participate in The Earth Organization's rural school and orphanage initiatives to help raise the standard of living, as well as environmental awareness in the local villages.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime: an Eco Safari Adventure.

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